Homemade Doggie Treats

         Need a unique gift for your canine friends?   At JUST LIKE HOME Canine Bed & Breakfast, we create treats, biscuits, donuts, and birthday cakes for your special canine.   Our bakery goods make the perfect gift for the special dogs in your life.


Cake Prices

 6” Layer Cake - $30.00

 6 Pupcakes     - $15.00

12 Pupcakes    - $30.00



Ordering information

We are no longer able to keep items on the shelf at all times. (We've gotten too busy for all the baking!) Bakery items are still available with a three day notice for your order.

Thank you!


Treat package prices vary.  
Call for additional information.



Yummy treats!
Yummy treats!
Yummy treats!
Yummy treats!