Our home is just like your home.

Just Like Home is conveniently located 1 mile east of Hwy 169 on 257th Ave N.  and just two miles out of downtown Zimmerman.
Just Like Home is conveniently located 1 mile east of Hwy 169 on 257th Ave N. and just two miles out of downtown Zimmerman.

Just Like Home Staff

About the Top Dog


Susan Engelsman

Owner of Just Like Home Canine Bed & Breakfast Inc. has been a dog lover and owner all of her life. She has trained dogs and had her own dog grooming business for many years. 


The kennel was designed by Sue's husband, Andy, and opened in May of 2011.  Since that time, Sue has been hard at work making her canine bed and breakfast the best it can be for the dogs in your life.                        Photo at right: Sue & Cowboy


Experience Counts

  • Business Owner
  • Dog Trainer for 12+ years.
  • Dog Groomer
  • Raised/trained 10 puppies to completion for Can Do Canines Service Dogs, and fostered many puppies for them 'short term'. 

The Engelsman household is home to seven 'animal kids'  - Cowboy, a mixed breed; Knight, a black german shepherd; Janie, a little beagle/terrier mix, Jodi, a doberman, and Vinnie, a collie. Spike, a little maltese, joined the family in December 2017.   Last but not least, there is "Meany" the cat, who enjoys having the house to himself during the day when everyone else is at 'work'.

Susan Lehr


Susan and her family live in Princeton, Minnesota where she spends her free time working with kids in 4-H.  She helps them train their own dogs in showmanship, agility, and ralley obedience to prepare them for participation in county and state fairs.  She has shown her own Great Danes in showmanship at many dog shows. Susan has several pets of her own, to mention just a few - ferrets, goats, dogs, cats, a snake, and a guinea pig.  Susan loves spending time with all the dogs here at Just Like Home, making sure they get all the love and attention they deserve to make them feel at "home" and insure they have a great experience while here.




Sara Donnelly


Sara has been on staff with JLH since the fall of 2014.  She and her husband, Pete, recently moved to Elk River, after living in Princeton for 10 years. They have one teenage son, and 2 very active dogs!  She has always loved "anything dog" and really enjoys caring for and playing with the dogs here at Just Like Home.  In her free time she enjoys walking, fishing, snowboarding, 4-wheel riding and anything outdoors! 

Ann Sheehan


Ann joined our staff in the fall of 2014.  Her knowledge and love of dogs is a great asset to us.  She is the proud parent of 8 dogs, 1 cat, 5 horses, and 1 pot bellied pig.  In the summer, she donates one evening a week of her time where she and her horses work with kids in the special olympics.  In her spare time, Ann enjoys many outdoor activities, including running.  She and her dogs have competed in many races and marathons.  



Cowboy, who used to officially be on staff. "retired" in December 2017 at age 6.  He was diagnosed with Progressive Retinal Atrophy and is going blind.  He still goes out to the kennel on occasion  but no longer 'works'.  KNIGHT has taken over his job enthusiastically and even though he's 11 years old, he has more stamina than a 2 year old!   He's very active out in the play yard and helps keep the young puppies in line.  He is a great alpha dog and LOVES his job!